Sunday, October 30, 2016

Election Prayer

Remember, the Novena of Prayer and Fasting for the Election begins tomorrow! Get the word out.
Here's another election prayer, composed for this occasion: 

Heavenly Father, look with mercy on your people, especially our nation at this critical time. May we remember to honor You in all we do and say. Please protect us from discouragement, indifference, and apathy. Encourage all to make use of the great gift of the right to vote. Help us to seek Your will always and do it, no matter how hard, as Jesus did both in heaven and on earth. Give us the mind of Christ, as well as His self-sacrificing love and determination. Fill us with hope and an eagerness to help bring bring Your Kingdom to every corner of the world.
The whole world's in His hands

Help us to be patient and loving with those who disagree with us. Give us the wisdom to discern how Your higher ways and eternal truths apply to our land and election, and the courage to share this with others with gentle persuasiveness. May Your Holy Spirit work in all our hearts and minds. Guide us as we make difficult decisions, as we choose our leaders, and please protect us from bad statesmen. Grant our civil leaders the desire and fortitude to uphold your divine laws in their governing. Protect all the poor and weak—especially the most helpless and those in greatest danger: the unborn. Deliver us from all evil, especially from the culture of death, from movements that seek to deprive us from our freedoms, from the evils borne of selfishness—from anything that takes us away from You.
         Jesus told us to pray perseveringly and to fast; see (and bless) our efforts to fast for these intentions, for love of You and for love of our children, grandchildren, our neighbors, our nation, and our nation's future. We ask all this in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.          Sweet Mother Mary, and all you angels and saints, pray for us! 

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Susan said...

Beautiful prayer, Jeanette, thank you for posting it! I'm praying for our country, for this election, for pro-life candidates, and for our military, especially those in harm's way.