Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I haven't been on here in a while. In trying to be a good mom myself, I've had to take a hiatus as my workload mounted. But I'm popping on now just to re-post a poem to my mom and in honor of all loving mothers.

A Priceless Pearl

to my mother
Your love is a pearl in my life.

Creamy as a pearl is your love,
cream-like in color and character. 
A love both lush and live-giving.
Though mother's milk could not continue,
the cream of your love never curtailed:
rather it gushed a rich river
nourishing my soul.

Hard like a pearl,
durable as rock,
your love could not be crushed 
by contrariness or calamity.
Rather its roundness
allowed it to roll through the troubles
that rumble and roar in every life.

Precious the pearl of your love,
how precious to me;
without which I would not have lived,
sustaining me through sorrow,
enriching my soul,
and grandest of all:
engraining the image, and
mirroring in miniature,
that I might perceive
the Pearl of Great Price.

Not merely a pearl-like love,
but a maker of pearls.
For mothers are pearlmakers;
the Maker of All made them that way.
To take what to any other 
is just another
grain of sand
from an endless expanse of sands
and encompass it with affection, 
surround it with devotion,
transforming its annoyances,
coating them, rolling them
over and over in love,
and shaping that sand-speck
into a precious pearl.

And you yourself are a pearl.
When the time comes
for the shell of your life
to be cracked open,
The Great Pearl-Seeker
will dive into your heart 
and pluck out your soul.
He will hold it to the light
and admire its milky whiteness
and whisper, "Ah, priceless!"

And I must agree,
oh dearest:
my mother, of pearl.